Cake Flour Vs All Purpose Flour: Is Cake Flour The Same As All Purpose Flour?

Cake flour vs all purpose flour It is the gluten content of the flour that mainly makes the difference between cake flour and all-purpose flour. If you are a seasoned …

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How To Clean Baking Pans In 5 Minutes The Easy Way

The first step in learning how to clean baking pans in 5 minutes or less is to wipe the inside surface with a paper towel to remove excess grease and …

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What Is a Naked Cake – And Why They Matter Right Now

A naked cake is what we can call a naked cake because it does not have any topping such as fondant, frosting, meringue, chocolate… the cake is naked, although filled …

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Why Did My Cake Not Rise And What You Can Do About It Right Now

why did my cake not rise

Why your cake does not rise is usually one of the most common problems when baking. And there are many reasons that may be behind this error, so we are …

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Uncover The Why Did My Cake Crack Hidden Reasons

Why did my cake crack

Why did my cake crack in the oven? Sometimes we can take a cake out of the oven and find that it has split open or has huge cracks on …

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The Truth About Why Does My Cake Sink In The Middle In 14 Little Reasons

why does my cake sink in the middle

You may be asking yourself: why does my cake sink in the middle after I take it out of the oven? You are not alone. There is nothing that is …

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Why Is The Rubbing In Method Used?


The rubbing in method is used for cakes, scones, shortcrust pastry, and some biscuits.  It is used for plain cakes, that is cakes that do not have a large amount …

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What Raising Agents Are Used In Making Cakes?


Raising agents are a substance that is capable of producing gas which, when heated, expands causing mixtures to rise and become less dense.  The gases produced are carbon dioxide, air, …

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How Sponge Cake Is Made


A quality sponge cake has the following characteristics: A flat or slightly rounded top An even, delicate brown crust A small even, resilient, wonderful yellow crumb It is tender, light, …

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3 Easy Buttercream Icing Recipe For Cake Decorating.

Chances are that you landed on this page because you are looking for easy buttercream icing recipe or something similar. Worry not I have you covered in this post. Read …

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