Do You Want The Best Baking Pans For Cakes? Read This

In the market we can find hundreds of models of cake molds, so when buying one I imagine that you will have a thousand doubts about which will be the best baking pans for cakes.

Which Of The Following Is Are Types Of Cake Pans:

best baking pans for cakes
  • Traditional Cake Pans
  • Springform Pans
  • Silicone Cake Molds
  • Bundt Cake Pans
  • Cupcake Pans or Mini Cake Pans
  • Cake Rings
  • Angel Food Cake Pans or Tube Pans
  • Sheet Cake Pans
  • Novelty Cake Pans
  • Jelly Roll Cake Pans

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In short when creating a cake you have a choice of the above pans

There is no doubt that when making a cake, the mold is a very important part, essential I would say. Because not all materials conduct heat the same and because size and shape do matter here.

Keep in mind that each preparation has its optimal mold and that you always, always try to use the mold indicated in the recipe or the closest possible one.

Baking times change depending on the surface and the height of the dough.

The same time is not required for a dough that occupies 5 cm in height as for one that reaches 10 cm.

That is why I want to help you with this guide to all the different types of cake molds that you can find in the market, and that you know what are the advantages and disadvantages of each model, so that you take it into account when buying one.

Types Of Cake Molds

There are 2 fundamental factors that influence baking and they are:

  • Mold shape
  • The material with which it is made

Rectangular Cake Molds

They are the most used for cakes or plum cakes, also for breads or brioches. They can have straight walls or a truncated pyramidal shape.

We can find them in different sizes both in length and height and both fixed and removable.

The ones that come with a non-stick coating are best, depending on the material.

In this type of mold, the cakes tend to come out very well, tall and well baked.

rectangular cake molds

Square Cake Molds

They are ideal for making large sponge sheets for other preparations like a multi-tiered cake, for example.

In this type of mold the cakes do not rise much, they are rather flat, this is because the greater the surface to bake the dough will cost more to rise.

We can also find them fixed, removable or adjustable in size, in the latter you have to put baking paper on the base and on the walls to prevent the dough from coming out underneath, since they have no bottom.

square cake molds

Molds For Round And Crown Cakes

Within the round molds we can find the “normal” ones and those with a crown, that is, those with a hole in the center.

Of this type we can also find them in different diameters and heights and in their removable version.

In the crown molds the cakes are higher and with the typical break in the center that indicates that it is well baked.

And the round molds without holes, are usually used more for cake cakes, as well as the square ones, since they rise less.

molds for round and crown cakes

Cake Molds With Special Shapes

We can also find molds with very elaborate drawings and with special shapes, such as heart, flower or star, in this case we would apply the same rules as in the previous ones.

You just have to keep in mind that in this type of mold all the holes and recesses must be well greased so that it can be removed correctly.

Cake Molds With Special Shapes

In conclusion:

Does The Shape And Size Of The Mold Influence The Baking?

Well the answer is a resounding YES.

If the surface of the mold is large and the walls are low, we will obtain a short and flat cake.

On the other hand, in a small mold and high walls, our cake will rise to infinity and beyond 😀

As you can see, each one has its particular use, all are valid depending on what you are going to prepare.

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Types of Baking Pan Materials

Currently you can find molds of a lot of different materials, but not all conduct heat the same, let’s see them in detail:

Disposable Paper Or Aluminum Molds

They are molds for single use, to use and to throw, they are good when you want to take a cake somewhere, if you go on an excursion or take it to someone’s house. But they are expensive and not very ecological.

Disposable Paper Or Aluminum Molds
Easy to transport.You generate waste, they are not ecological at all.
Ideal if you want to make several servings to give as gifts.The baking is not very regular.
If you make cakes frequently they are not profitable at all, the price of a metallic one has been as if you bought about 10 disposable molds.

Glass Molds

This type of mold is usually used more for other types of preparations, but that does not mean that they cannot also be used to make a cake if you have no other option, although they are not the most ideal.

Glass Molds
In almost every house there is one.They do not transmit heat well, so the cakes will not rise much.
They serve many different types of dishes.They require a longer baking time, which increases the cost of electricity (which must also be taken into account).
They are easy to wash and durable.

Ceramic Molds

I personally do not have any, I know that they are resistant to heat and distribute it well. They are not removable and must be greased well so that they do not stick, it is recommended that they have a non-stick coating.

Ceramic Molds
Ceramic is a good conductor of heat.They are more difficult to unmold.
Provides even baking.They are heavy.
They can be broken.

Silicone Molds

A few years ago, silicone molds became fashionable, they have original shapes and are easy to unmold, this is their great advantage. When it comes to baking, I consider them worse than metallic ones, they need a slightly higher temperature and a longer baking time.

In the long run they get sticky, I’m not a big fan, I prefer them for cold preparations.

Silicone Molds
They do not stick, they are easy to unmold.Baking is not very uniform.
You can find them in a multitude of ways.They need more time to bake so you will use more energy.
They are easy to wash.Over time they deteriorate and become sticky.

Metal Molds

Perhaps they are the most popular, they are very good value for money. The baking in them is good because the steel distributes the heat well and more quickly, and if they are the crown ones even better, because the heat can surround the cake everywhere.

These are one of my favorites, without a doubt the ones that I have used and use the most.

You can find them in different formats, both removable and not.

Of course, you have to grease them very well so that our cake does not stick and wash them with soft sponges so as not to damage the surface. They are like frying pans, at first they have a non-stick coating that is lost over time.

They distribute the heat well, so the baking is good.They can deform with use or if you hit them.
The cakes are made earlier, so less electricity is consumed.Sometimes the release models, if they are not very good, do not close well and mass can escape from underneath.
They are durable and easy to maintain.

Cast Iron Molds

And I have saved the jewel in the crown, the Nordic Ware® molds for last.

These molds of American origin that have become fashionable lately and you see them everywhere.

With them you will see the famous “bund cakes” that circulate throughout the network, although you can actually use them for any type of cake.

After seeing them so much, I ended up buying one because I felt the need to test if they are really as good as they are painted, and I can confirm it, they are very good, as expensive as they are good.

The truth is that they enter your eyes, they have a lot of models with fascinating shapes that make your cakes look like those of a professional, they are really beautiful. It was difficult for me to choose one and I do not rule out buying another.

When I hold it in your hands the first time, what will catch your attention the most is the weight, they are quite heavy, very robust. This quality means that they will never deform, they are eternal, these molds are for life, your children will inherit them and if you neglect me your grandchildren.

Maintenance is easy, you just have to wash them with soap and water and that’s it, since they have many nooks and crannies, I recommend a brush to access all the holes well.

The baking is perfect, they distribute the heat wonderfully over the entire surface.The price, they are expensive, but who said that good was cheap!
Maintenance is easy.Due to their complex shapes, they must be well greased on all their edges and recesses, so that they unmold well.
Long durability, they are for life.
They come in an excellent range of shapes and sizes.

So What Are The Best Baking Pans For Cakes?

If there is something in the bakery that I like to make, they are cakes or “cakes” as we call them from my land, I have been making them forever, in short, I have made many :-D.

And based on my knowledge, I can tell you in order of preference that the best ones are cast iron, those from Nordic Ware, although I can understand that the price pulls you back.

My next option on the list would be the aluminum ones, value for money they are very good and they solve you. And finally the silicone ones.

As for the other materials, I prefer them for other types of preparations, for example ceramic I like better for sweet or savory cakes.

In conclusion

What is the best pans to buy? As you can see, everything has its pros and cons, but don’t worry, my intention is to help you with the choice. Now the decision is yours.

These are my recommendations:

If you are a pastry lover and you make a lot of cakes, surely you will want to have them all.

In this case, I would invest in the Nordic Ware®, at least one, they have a lot of models and they are all beautiful, they are molds for life.

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