Can You Freeze Sponge Cake? Here’s The Answer Now

Can you freeze a homemade sponge cake?

Sponge cakes are par an excellence dessert that cannot be missed at tea time or at a party and, although we know very well how delicious they are, the wait until cooling makes the decorating process laborious and slow.

can you freeze sponge cake

Lately it has been taken as a technique to freeze the freshly made sponge cake so that it acquires a better texture, flavor and juiciness so that it can be filled or decorated later. But sometimes you just want to do it to keep it properly for another day or event later. Whatever the reason, then here we will tell you if you can really freeze a homemade cake and what you need to do it correctly.

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How To Freeze A Cake

The cakes must be frozen with certain measures to avoid frosting, acquiring bad odors or drying out.
It also depends a lot on the size of the cake and everything varies if for example it is layer cake to make a gypsy arm, or if it is a cake for birthday, or some cupcakes.

As a general rule, freshly made cakes can be frozen 1 or 2 hours after coming out of the oven, that is, when they are already warm. Ideally, place each cake line / layer between two sheets of grease proof paper. Depending on the time that said frozen cake lasts, it is necessary to wrap them in plastic wrap to prevent them from acquiring flavors and odors from the refrigerator.

It is also necessary that the cakes be kept in a flat airtight baking tray, mold or container so that their surface is flat and the line of the cake does not crack, break or deform with the freezer racks. It would be the case of a Genoise sponge cake. This is the best way to freeze cake I know off.

Can The Dough Of a Sponge Cake Be Frozen?

No, no type of liquid dough, cream or cream can freeze since they would lose their texture when defrosting and later baking. The only thing that can be put in the freezer or freezer is the cake dough already cooked and previously cooled to room temperature.

The cakes can be stored with the filling, whether they are chocolate, frosting or jam; in portions or properly the cake in its entirety. Similarly, candies such as cookies, all types of biscuits, fritters, or tart or pie crusts can be frozen, including raw cookie dough.

How To Defrost a Sponge Cake

The method of freezing a cake is used to maintain its juiciness for a longer time, in addition to helping its conservation, which at room temperature is much lower. Thanks to the thawing process, the moisture and all the flavors are reincorporated into the cake, leaving a fluffy, tasty crumb ready to eat or decorate.

The best option to defrost a cake is to remove it from the freezer and leave it at room temperature; It takes approximately 2 hours to return to its normal consistency, however, the season and the area where you reside greatly influence. After losing all the outer layer of ice, remove the plastic wrap that was protecting it and let it rest in a clean, dry tray on parchment paper to avoid sticking.

How Long Can a Cake Be Frozen?

Pastry chefs say that a basic sponge cake (without filling) can be frozen for up to 1 month, however, here we recommend that the period is not longer than 1 week, to avoid that the ice completely vanishes the taste of the cake and leave us a very strange taste.

What we advise is that you freeze the homemade cake 1 or 2 days before the event for which you require it and defrost it the day of the same to carry out the entire filling and / or decoration process, or simply so that it is fresh on time to consume it.

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