The Secret to Perfect Flowers For Men

Finding it difficult to choose the perfect flowers for men?

You see..

Men love flowers, a lot but for some reason flowers are not the first thing that comes to mind when an individual is looking for a man’s birthday gift. However, the idea that flowers are only for women is a complete misconception.

In fact, many surveys taken by men show that the vast majority of men would enjoy receiving flowers for their birthday or other special occasions, so gift givers should take note. As such, flowers should be considered as a gift for any man whether he be a father, husband, boyfriend or son.

The flowers that are most appropriate for men, regardless of the position the man holds in your life, are flowers that are bright and vibrant in reds, oranges and yellows. Because of this, roses, Gerber daisies and carnations are always great choices.

flowers for men
flowers for men

Also, any birth month flower would be an appropriate birthday gift not to mention any particular favorite flower the man might have from orchids to a cactus. Of course, if you are sending birthday flowers to your husband or boyfriend red roses are just as appropriate for men as they are for women and represent the love and passion in the relationship.

Flowers specifically for a dad or a son should not be passionate, but loving and show appreciation and thoughtfulness on their special day. Again, bright colored flowers should be sent and plants and bonsai trees are also great choices.

Different months of the year have corresponding flowers, much like birthstones.

January is the snowdrop and carnation

February the primrose and violet

March the violet and jonquil

April flowers are the daisy and sweet pea

May represents lily of the valley and hawthorn

June is the rose and honeysuckle

July the water lily and larkspur

August represents the gladiolus and poppy

September the Morning Glory and Aster

October the Marigold

November, chrysanthemum

December birthday’s the Poinsettia and Holly.

Regardless of whose birthday it is whether man or woman, son or daughter, husband or wife, girlfriend or boyfriend, flowers are always an appropriate and thoughtful gift that will be appreciated immensely.

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