How To Get A Stuck Cake Out Of A Pan The Easy Way

how to get a stuck cake out of a pan

Want to learn how to take out cake from mould? In this article you will discover how to get a cake out of a pan that is stuck.

Unfortunately, a cake sticking to the mold can happen to us much more often than we would like. Sign up these tricks for next time and save your cake or sponge cake

If you take the cake out of the oven and discover that the mold is stuck, do not throw your hands at your head, since you will be wasting time and that will not help you to solve it.

How To Fix A Cake That Stuck To The Pan

There are many tricks on how to get cake out of tin that will help us, always with patience, to remove the cake from a glued mold

One way on how to get a cake unstuck on the mold is by placing it upside down on a larger plate than it is. When the mold cools and the metal contracts, the cake will peel off. This process can be made easier and faster by placing a bowl or plate with ice on top.

If it has not been enough to remove cake stuck in tin, do not despair: another trick is to expose the center of the mold to a source of steam. If the edges are glued, the first thing to do is separate them with the help of a butter or fish knife. Once this is done, two techniques can be used.

The first one is to fill a bowl with water, place the mold with the content stuck on top (face up) and place it in the microwave for a few minutes. If it has not worked and it is also difficult for us to take off the edges, or the mold does not fit in the microwave, there are more options.

Place a tray with a bottom, such as the oven tray that we use for meat and fish, and fill it with very hot water. It is important that the height of the water does not exceed the height of our mold.

Two Desperate Ways On How To Unstick Cake From Pan

These could be considered the most respectful ways with our cake to take it off, but if even and everything we do not get it, there are other alternatives.

One of them is to take off the edges with the help of a knife, as we have explained previously, and insert a silicone spatula. Being a flexible material, we can introduce it by the edge and gradually separate the base. If you do not have a silicone spatula, you could insert a knife and pry it, although it is not the most recommended, if we intend to remove it in one piece.

 If with all this there is no way, the only alternative is to freeze it so that it hardens as a block and once frozen separate the mold from the cake before it defrosts.

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