How to Line Cake Tins

Want to learn how to line cake tins? When you are making cakes it is important to prepare the tins carefully, to ensure that the cakes can be removed from the tins without breaking.  The best way to line the tin depends on its shape and on the mixture you are using.

How to Line a Sandwich Tin

To line a sandwich cake tin or a loaf tin.  It is usually only necessary to line the bottom of the tin.  The sides can be greased with margarine or lard.  Stand the tin on a piece of greaseproof paper, draw around the base of the tin and cut the paper on the pencil line.

To line a Swiss roll tin, base and side

Place the tin on a sheet of greaseproof paper and draw a pencil line around the base of the tin.  Cut the paper about 1.5 cm/1” away from the pencil line.  At the corners, cut into the pencil line. Place the paper neatly into the tin and the corners will fit smoothly against the sides and base.

How to Line a Cake Tin Using Greaseproof Paper

To line a deep cake tin. Put the tin on a sheet of greaseproof paper, draw around the base and cut out this part.  For the sides, bend a sheet of greaseproof paper into two parts, end-to-end.  Turn up about 2cm/”at the folded edge.  Make diagonal cuts on this fold.  Place the paper inside the tin with this fold on the base of the tin, then place the circle on to the base.

Now that you know how to line cake tins, go ahead and learn some awesome cake making methods used in baking.

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