How To Make A Piping Bag From a Plastic Bag

In this article I tell you how to make a piping bag from a plastic bag for emergencies and in two different ways depending on what you have on hand at that time.

how to make a piping bag from a plastic bag

To make homemade piping bag with a plastic bag use a plastic bag they sell for snacks or to freeze food and that is not excessively large. We will only have to cut through one of the corners and we can place an adapter and any nozzle that we need to use the same as if we were using a disposable sleeve but with the difference that the bag is much cheaper.

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Plan B is to use a zip-lock plastic bag

Doing so is as simple as following the steps that you can see below:

  • 1. Get a zip-top plastic bag and scissors. Plastic bags can make great piping bags because the frosting or sauce won’t spill anywhere other than where you want it. Choose a bag based on the amount of frosting or sauce you need to apply to decorate your plate.

On most packages, the capacity of the bag is indicated. This can help you decide if the size of the bag is large enough for the recipe.

If the frosting is thick enough and you will need to press hard to apply it, you can use a thicker bag, such as a freezer bag.

You can use an unsealed plastic bag if that’s all you have, but you should turn the top to close after filling. Note that these bags also tend to explode if squeezed, so they are not best suited for thick frostings.

  • 2. Open the bag and fill it with the glaze or sauce with the help of a spoon. Lay the bag and other supplies on a cutting board or flat surface. Open the bag and start pouring in the sauce or frosting with the spoon.

One of the benefits of using a plastic bag is that the sauce or frosting won’t spill out the bottom while you fill it.

You can make a nozzle for the bag by cutting a flexible strip of framing card or aluminum and forming a cone out of it before cutting the ends off with a pair of scissors. Insert the nozzle inside before filling the bag. Keep in mind that the pattern it forms may not be perfect.

  • 3. Seal the top of the bag to close it. After adding the frosting or sauce, run your fingers around the outside of the zip and press it to seal the bag. If the bag has a zipper, just slide it to the other end. Push the cream frosting, topping, or sauce into the corner to be cut.

If you want, you can vent the air before sealing it. This will make it easier to remove the frosting or sauce, and it will come out faster, too.

  • 4. Cut one corner of the bag with the scissors. Open the scissors and place the blades in the corner of the bag. Line up the scissors so that a tip is 1 to 5 cm (½ to 2 inches) outside of the line to be cut. Close the scissors to cut the section of the bag and create the mouth of the piping bag.

The size of the cut will determine how much sauce or frosting will come out when you squeeze the bag. The bigger the hole, the more frosting or sauce will come out.

Grab the bag with the opening facing up so the sauce or frosting doesn’t fall off.

  • 5.Hold the bag on the plate and squeeze it to use. Place your non-dominant hand near the top of the bag to move it around and control pressure. You should place your dominant hand slightly near the bottom of the bag to control where the frosting or sauce will come out. Hold the opening of the piping bag 1 to 2 inches from the surface of the plate to apply the sauce or frosting.

When you want to stop spreading the sauce or frosting, all you need to do is release the pressure on the bag and tilt the opening up.

Tip: If you want to save the leftover frosting or sauce, put the makeshift sleeve inside another plastic bag and seal it. Store it in the refrigerator.

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How To Use A Piping Bag

Fill up the bag with frosting, icing, or sauce. Press the bag to release the filling and create a specific pattern to make the plate beautiful and delicious. If you don’t have a bag, you can cut a triangle out of greaseproof paper and fold it into a cone shape.

We hope this article helped you learn how to make a piping bag from a plastic bag. You may also want to see our list of the cake baking problems and solutions, and our comparison of cake flour vs all purpose flour.

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