How To Preserve Cake Without Refrigeration

how to preserve cake without refrigeration

This post is about one of the most important topics in baking: how to preserve cake without refrigeration. And do it in a way that it maintains its freshness and does not remain dry. Once our cake is made, we can preserve it in 3 ways:

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Airtight container

One of the best options to preserve a homemade cake is to put it in a container with a lid to protect it from the environment. These plastic or glass containers will maintain the natural humidity of the cake and will remain in good condition until the moment it is consumed. A cover of buttercream, fondant or ganache will protect it even more and can last up to 4 days, in a cool place, and protected from dust. Here’s our recommendation

However, not everyone has a lunch box at home, but nothing happens! A Tupperware or airtight container will also work. The best thing to do is to try to find one that fits the specific size of the cake as closely as possible and that closes very well. In this way, we will ensure that its freshness and texture is maintained over several days.

Transparent paper

One of the tricks of a lifetime is to use plastic wrap to preserve your cake. You must wrap it well, without leaving holes through which air can enter. Also, you can include a last layer of silver foil.

Hermetic bag

Instead of transparent paper, another option for preserving a homemade cake so that it doesn’t get hard is to opt for an airtight bag – one of the frozen ones. If you opt for this alternative, you should pay special attention to two aspects: firstly, that it is closed very well (without leaving any open side) and, secondly, that there is no air left inside the bag. To avoid the latter, squeeze the areas without the cake to expel it and make sure that the bag is not swollen when you close it.

How To Preserve Cake For Long Time

Freeze it.

It is not the best option because it loses some of its properties but, if you want to preserve cake for longer, you can put it in the freezer. Take it out half a day before you want to eat it and, if you see it appropriate, give it a heat tap before ingesting it. Clever!

One of the best ways to freeze a cake so that it does not lose moisture in the process is to do it in a triple way (this step is vital if the cake is going to be frozen) is done by placing a layer of plastic paper or film, another of aluminum foil or silver and finally a freezer bag or plastic bag. To defrost, it is simply removed from the packaging and left at room temperature until a wooden toothpick is inserted and offers no resistance.

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Can You Place A Cake In The Fridge After Baking?

It is not recommended to put the cake in the fridge. Although, traditionally, it has been thought that the refrigerator preserves things better, with this action you will only make it harden faster. The cake needs a dry place and a room temperature (even if it is closed). Therefore, it will always be better to find a corner in your kitchen, leave it in the pantry or in a closet rather than in the refrigerator.

Refrigeration is only necessary if your kitchen gets very hot during the day, if you make a cake that won’t be served for more than three days, or when the cake consist of a fresh fruit filling,  topping or whipped cream frosting.

The refrigeration of a cake will be closely linked to the type of filling that you are going to use, but it is much better to do it for cakes that do not contain a lot of fat in their preparation, since it solidifies and when it is at room temperature it changes its structure, so changes in temperature could also affect the appearance of the final product.

If you refrigerate, wrap the unglazed cakes in plastic to protect them from the absorption of strange odors in the refrigerator and prevent them from drying out, and then when you are going to serve it, unwrap it so that it reaches room temperature by leaving it in the kitchen for a few minutes. For frosted cakes, cool the cake uncovered for 15 minutes to harden the frosting, and then wrap it in plastic wrap.

The Best Way To Store Layered Cakes

 Wrap them tightly in plastic wrap, on the top, on the sides, and on the bottom, so that the plastic touches the sides of the cake (that is, don’t put the plastic over the top). If you don’t have plastic wrap, you can opt for a resealable plastic bag. Store these wrapped cakes on your kitchen counter at room temperature, and they will keep for about a week before they start to get contaminated. Oil-made cakes tend to last a day or two longer than butter-based cakes. To keep cakes for more than a week, try freezing them.

The Best Way To Store Cake With Frosting

The frosting acts as a protective barrier to the cake, so there is no need for plastic wrap here. Cover it with a cake pan or overturned container to protect it from dust, pet hair, and other airborne particles. A cake with frosting can be kept at room temperature for four to five days.

The Best Way To Store A Pre-cut Cake

 As soon as you make a cut, the moisture starts to leak out, causing the cake to quickly go stale. If you can, cover the sliced ​​edges with more frosting or frosting to protect it from moisture loss. If not, press a piece of plastic wrap directly over the cut side and make sure it sticks. Then continue topping and storing the cake as you would for the uncut version. The cut cake will keep for a little less time, about three to four days at room temperature.

More Tips For Preserving Cakes

  • To preserve a cake that has already been cut for longer, you can place a little topping on the part that has been the portion so that it does not lose moisture but you must cover it with plastic. A cake or a piece that has already been cut keeps its freshness for less time, maximum 3 days at room temperature.
  • One way to make the process for the cake to lower the temperature faster is to place it on a rack and depending on its size it can take 1 or 2 hours in this process.
  • You can freeze the already cut cakes and then defrost and assemble them, it is not necessary to add syrup before freezing, if you prefer it should be done when they are at room temperature
  • Definitely cakes covered with fondant should not be refrigerated since humidity changes its structure completely. Remember, sugar absorbs moisture and if there is too much in your fridge it will become difficult to fix. Colors that are dark will tend to fade.
  • When using fruit fillings, it is recommended that they be cooked, in the form of jam, curd or syrup, in this way the filling can also last much longer.
  • If you live in a place with a lot of heat or humidity and you have the frozen cake, the best way to thaw it is to place it first in the refrigerator and then at room temperature so that the temperature shock does not create the condensation effect.
  • If the cake has been previously in the refrigerator or freezer must be at room temperature before being decorated with fondant.

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