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Are you looking for wedding cakes in Francistown?

We at Wonderland Cakes BW will guide you and help you with your selection to ensure that your wedding or special event make a great impressions on your lovely guests. Our cakes, are freshly baked with quality ingredients. Whatever your wedding cake style, be it simple and chic to modern and contemporary, Wonderland Cakes BW will create the showstopping wedding cake your wedding deserves.

Using modern techniques  and the more traditional florist paste, we handcraft stunning edible, realistic florals and decorative details to add the most gorgeous finishing touches to our buttercream, sugar paste (fondant), naked and semi-naked wedding cakes. Whats more, you really will be spoilt for choice with our extensive flavor menu.

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Our menu features flavors such as red velvet and vanilla to name but two, but whichever flavor you finally choose, your wedding cake will be sure to taste as good as it looks.

We pride ourselves on working closely with all our clients to reflect the style of the couple within their wedding cake. From the initial sketch to the final big day display, we will ensure your dream wedding cake is everything you hoped it would be for your wedding day.

Read about our common wedding cakes Francistown service questions.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much do your services cost?

The cost is really comes down to two main factors, the size of the cake and the amount of labour involved to create it. If you would like to contact me with details of your ideas I’d be happy to provide an estimate.

Do you offer any other services?

Yes we supply cupcakes, deliver flowers as well as engagement and anniversary, baby shower, birthday and celebration cakes.

How much notice do I need to give you?

We offer a very personalized wedding cake service. For this reason, the amount of wedding cake orders we take on is limited to ensure our quality remains consistently high for each one of our wedding cakes. During peak wedding season we get booked up very quickly, so it’s best to try to book as soon as you start to plan your wedding. Some couples book us out a year or more in advance to secure their wedding cake in our diary.

Do you deliver?

Our free wedding cake delivery service is available for wedding cakes within Francistown. If you want to find out more about delivery outside this area please let us know so we can advise on charges.

Can we try the cakes before we book?

Yes, certainly.

What do I need for my wedding cake consultation

To design a cake for your special day we’ll need to know a few things. What style of wedding are you having?What sort of decorations would you like?It will help to bring your ideas to the consultation.

Are the cake designs on your website the only designs available?

You can choose any wedding cake designs from the website just as they are, or we can tweak colours and details to personalise them for you and your wedding day. Likewise, we can take elements from any wedding cake designs you like that you’ve seen elsewhere on the web or in magazines. However please bear in mind that as this is an art, no two cakes can be replicated identically to a photo you have seen, and whilst we can draw inspiration and style ideas from photos your wedding cake design will be unique to you, rather than a replication of another designers work.

Do our cake tiers all have to be the same flavour?

You can have any flavour on any wedding cake tier. Choose from our most popular flavours, red velvet, chocolate and vanilla.

How long before our wedding is the cake prepared?

Fruitcakes are baked in advance to improve the flavour but all our sponge cakes are baked the week of your wedding. Fruitcakes orders should be placed at 3 – 4 weeks in advance

How do we secure you for our wedding date?

Following our consultation your date can be secured in our diary by paying a deposit of 50% of the final quoted price, with the remaining 50% due on delivery.

Where Can I Find Wonderland Cakes BW?

Plot 5647,Donga

Whatsapp or Call for a cake consultation and pricing on +26771752151

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