Wedding Cake Prices: How Much Does a Wedding Cake Cost?

How much do I have to spend on a great wedding cake and what is the average wedding cake prices?

Unfortunately, there is no general answer to how much a wedding cake costs. After all, it always depends on the wishes of the bride and groom.  However as a bridal couple, you can usually expect wedding cake prices of around € 2.50 to € 9 per piece, depending on the type, shape and decoration of the wedding cake.

wedding cake prices

In this article we describe which shapes the cake can have, how big it should be, which flavors there are, which decorations are possible and much more. These many different aspects naturally have an impact on the price. A very simple wedding cake is of course cheaper than an elaborately decorated one.

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The cost of your wedding cake is made up of several factors. These include:

  • The size of your cake (depending on the number of your guests)
  • The decoration of the wedding cake (cake topper, gold leaf, color gradients)
  • Other products such as cupcakes
  • Consultations with development of the concept
  • Purchasing special requests such as flower decorations
  • Labour
  • Delivery costs and, if applicable, collection plus cleaning of the cake plates and presentation materials

What Are The Wedding Cake Prices?

In the following table we have listed some price examples:

FormNumber Of PeopleDecorationPrice
Heart shapeup to 10strawberries with creamfrom 50 EUR
Loaf pan25chocolate with fruitsfrom 60 EUR
2-tier25fondant with elaborate decorationfrom 300 EUR
3-tier50naked cake with flowers350 EUR
5-tier85 – 90fondant with dots500 EUR
Stair cake, 4 stairs65individually400 EUR
Cupcake cake75each cake decorated with fruit500 EUR
Use this currency converter to check prices in your local currency

In addition, there are rental and deposit costs for the cake stand or, in the case of cupcake cakes, the cake stand. Almost all pastry chefs charge additional travel costs, because it is often not even possible to transport the wedding cake safely to the event location in your own car.

Our tip: It is also worth comparing the prices of different pastry chefs with the wedding cake. If you want to save, it might be a good alternative to keep the wedding cake small and fill the buffet with cakes baked by friends and family.

How Can I Calculate The Required Number Of Pieces?

The number of portions can be calculated quite easily based on the diameter:

Diameter in centimetresNumber of pieces

A volume of around 250 ml per portion is taken as a basis. This is a common piece of cake that is cut narrower and narrower as the diameter increases.

The following calculation results for the increasingly popular square cakes:

Size in centimetresNumber of pieces
30 x 3025
40 x 4065
50 x 50100
80 x 80160
These number of portions are based on empirical values ​​from pastry chefs. You can use this to calculate the size of the wedding cake and any additional cakes you may need.

If your cake has more than one level, you have to add the number of portions of the individual cakes. For example, a lower shelf with a diameter of 35 centimeters is enough for 31 guests, the second shelf, which measures 30 centimeters, for 21 guests. The planned two-tier cake is therefore sufficient for about 50 guests.

Nonetheless, this can only help as a rough guide. The chosen pastry chef will be happy to help you calculate the exact size.

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Why Is The Wedding Cake So Expensive?

Why should I spend so much money on a simple piece of cake?” You may ask yourself. But if you take a closer look at the wedding cake, it quickly becomes clear why it is more expensive than an ordinary sponge cake. The baking and artful stacking of the bases, which are usually still filled, the covering with fondant and the elaborate decoration take a lot of time. The baked goods should also stand out in terms of taste.

Should You Prefer To Bake The Wedding Cake Yourself?

 As the bride and groom, please do not burden yourself with this task.  Just hire

If you do not want to bake your wedding cake, either due to the lack of an oven in your home or simply because it is too difficult for you, the solution is to pay attention to all the price possibilities that the market offers you. You do not have to invest a fortune in a beautiful cake! It will only be enough that you think very well what characteristics you want to see on the “face of your cake”. Basically, the price will depend on the hours of work that the pastry chef has to spend in the process of preparation. Therefore, the more difficult the order design, the more expensive it becomes.

So if you want to save, you should try to make your wedding cake as simple as possible, with a simple but charming decoration you can achieve it. But if you have a budget to match the situation, there is no reason to hold back any more, you can have that personalized work of art in your hands.

Price Wedding Cake According To The Number Of Guests

It is calculated with around 1.5 pieces of cake per guest (but this can also vary depending on the type of cake). You should consider the following points when planning the size of the wedding cake:

Is the wedding cake the only dessert or are there other cakes, desserts and a candy bar? Because then the cake can be a bit smaller, as only a few wedding guests will get a second piece.

When: will the cake be served with coffee and cake? If so, the pieces will certainly be a bit bigger than at midnight.

Are many of the guests children? Then the cake can also be a tad smaller.

The more detailed the information you give the pastry shop, the better you will advise.

Usually, your local pastry chef can tell you the approximate cost of the wedding cake cost for your dream cake during the first consultation, if you already know roughly what you need and how many people there will be.

Where To Buy ?

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Wedding Cake Prices Per Piece

As a rule, a wedding cake is expected to cost between € 3 and € 9 per piece or per person. The more elaborate the cake is designed and the more decoration it should have, the higher the costs. Note that pastry chefs often assume a minimum number of people. That is usually 20 to 25 people. This means that the prices for a wedding cake are between € 75 and € 225.

What Does It Cost To Taste The Wedding Cake?

A cake tasting of the wedding cake is not only a good excuse to have a snack, it can also help you with the taste of the cake. Make an appointment with the pastry shop of your choice. The cost of such a cake tasting varies from pastry shop to pastry shop, but on average they range from € 25 to € 30. If you order your wedding cake here, this amount will be credited back to your order.

Depending on where you are in the world, in some cases, you can order a tasting package to be delivered to your home. Then you can have a delicious snack with your fiancé at home and you can talk openly about the tastes without the confectioner being there. Here, too, the costs will be credited back when ordering the wedding cake.

Tip: Better safe than sorry

You have finally found the wedding cake you’ve always dreamed of and can’t wait to present it to your guests.Of course, you want everything to go right. That is why the wedding cake is included when you take out wedding insurance.

How Big Can The Wedding Cake Be?

Although one counts per person or per piece for the cake, the wedding cake does not have to be enough for all guests if there are other desserts. When considering the size of the wedding cake, think about what other desserts there will be. If there are still alternatives, most guests will want to try the alternatives and share a piece of wedding cake with someone else. Also, think about how many of your guests are children.

Children can also get slightly smaller pieces of the cake and so it turns out a bit smaller again. In any case, pass this information on to your pastry chef so that he can give you the best possible advice and the wedding cake is exactly the right size.

More Tips On The Price

Usually the structure of the wedding cake is included in the price, but we recommend discussing this with the pastry chef in advance.

Delivery costs are not always included! Therefore, make sure that your cake designer delivers to your location. Often the first kilometres are included in the price. A pastry chef can, for example, set a standard tariff for deliveries to the surrounding area and invoice each additional kilometre.

Decoration for the cake is also usually billed, if not already included in the price. Ask your pastry chef if this is the case. For multi-tier cakes, an additional average of € 2.50 per layer or per cake board can be charged. Incidentally, cakes up to three levels can be picked up by yourself.

It is common practice to make a deposit for the wedding cake and to be billed for the remaining amount a few weeks before the wedding. If you cancel the wedding cake, you will not get the deposit back. This deposit can be 20% to 50% of the total amount, but a standard amount of 50 to 100 € is not uncommon.

A large wedding party usually has a multi-tiered wedding cake for the presentation and great photos. In addition, there are other single-tier cakes with the same taste so that every guest gets a piece. So you have something for the eye and once for the taste.

So What Does Your Average Wedding Cake Cost?

Our best tip for you is to talk to your pastry chef about what you have in mind and how many guests will be coming from the very first consultation. If you don’t have a clear idea about it yet or are unsure, you can also send the pastry chef photos of other cakes that you like. Here he can certainly give you approximate prices. This will give you an overview of which wedding cake prices are offered.

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