What Is a Naked Cake – And Why They Matter Right Now

what is a naked cake

A naked cake is what we can call a naked cake because it does not have any topping such as fondant, frosting, meringue, chocolate… the cake is naked, although filled with creams and fruits, a trend that seeks the appeal of the rustic.

They say that the new trend in cakes or wedding cakes are the ‘naked cakes’. It is true that for years people have gone from multi-story cakes, whether vertically or in branched stands, many times a wedding cake is presented so that the newlyweds make a cut and the photographer captures the ‘sword’ moment, but to When it is time to serve it to the guests, this cake does not appear, for this individual cakes have been prepared.

The literal translation of naked cake is naked cake, having said this and looking at the photo, you can already draw surely correct conclusions, a naked cake is a cake that dispenses with frostings and toppings, leaving the cake in sight.

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Personally, it seems to us a healthier trend than that of pastry with fondant, frostings, etc., since a good amount of fats and sugars are eliminated from the cake, making the enjoyment of the dessert lighter, easier to digest and not due to it is less delicious, it is much more natural and you can enjoy the real flavors of the ingredients that make up the cake, basically sponge cake, fruits and some cream, cream, meringue, ganache or similar.

We trust that the trend of wedding cakes will move to amateur or domestic pastry, it also gives a lot of room for creativity, there can be countless combinations to make an original cake, changing the flavors of the cake, the creamy fillings, the fruits …

Fresh flowers are also usually an element to include in these cakes, however, if you only want to put elements that can be eaten, you will have to choose edible flowers, although they may not be so pompous. But in theory what you are looking for with the naked cake is not pomposity, but the appeal of the rustic.

A naked cake can be a simple or multi-tiered cake, for which we recently mentioned that there were several molds to make them easily, such as these silicone ones.

We have all made, or at least enjoyed, naked cakes or naked cakes, if our grandmother or mother has not made them for birthdays in our childhood, we have made them in our beginnings in the kitchen, and they continue to be made, for sure, which for many people are the best cakes.


For the cake:

  •  4 cups of wheat flour (560 grams)
  •  2 cups of Sugar (400 grams)
  •  2 cups of Cocoa powder (210 grams)
  •  2 cups of Water (480 milliliters)
  •  2 cups of oil
  •  8 Eggs
  •  2 tablespoons of baking powder or royal type yeast

For the filling:

  •  2 cups of Dulce de leche
  •  1 cup of milk (240 milliliters)

To decorate:

  •  Fresh forest fruits
  •  Powdered sugar

How To Make a Naked Cake Step By Step

  1. We start by making the brownies: to do this, beat the eggs with the sugar in a bowl until you get a whitish cream. Then add the oil and mix.

Tip: The amount of ingredients in this simple naked cake is enough to prepare two medium-sized round-shaped cakes, which will result in a four-layer naked cake.

  1. Gradually add the cocoa powder and flour to the mixture, and then gradually integrate the water. Add the yeast or baking powder last and mix well all the naked cake batter.
  2. Take two cake pans previously greased and floured with a little butter and chocolate or cocoa powder and pour half of the dough into each one. With the oven preheated to 180 ° C, bake the chocolate cakes for 40 minutes, or until it comes out clean with a toothpick.

Tip: It is advisable to put exactly the same amount of dough in the two molds so that all the layers of the naked cake remain the same afterwards, and if you weigh it with a much better scale.

4. Once the chocolate cakes are ready, let them cool completely to room temperature and carefully cut them in half horizontally in equal parts to obtain the four layers of the layer cake.

Tip: It is essential that each layer has the same thickness and height, so use a ruler or a cake leveler to do it.

5. To prepare the filling of this naked cake with fruits, simply place the dulce de leche and the milk over low heat in a saucepan and stir until you get a smooth cream.

6. Next, we assemble the simple naked cake by placing a cake base first, then we place a quarter of the filling (we can divide it into four parts previously to go faster), then we place another layer of cake on top and then another of filling, and so on until finishing with a layer cake with four layers as straight as possible (the last one has to be with the dulce de leche filling).

7. When assembled, store the naked chocolate cake in the fridge or refrigerator until serving time. Then take it out, decorate the top with red berries and sprinkle a little icing sugar to enhance the color of the fruit.

We are sure that this naked cake or naked cake for parties will be a success proportional to the effort involved in its preparation. But if you are looking for other birthday cakes for example, do not miss these that we recommend: our party cake services

Tip: The fact that they do not have any type of coating means that these naked cakes have to be assembled and consumed in a maximum of 24 hours, since if they are left exposed they will dry quickly.

I hope that answers your question what is a naked cake? 

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