Uncover The Why Did My Cake Crack Hidden Reasons

Why did my cake crack in the oven?

Sometimes we can take a cake out of the oven and find that it has split open or has huge cracks on the surface. You prepared your mold with oil and waxed paper, made measurements and -according to you- you followed all the instructions but in the last step, in that of unmolding the cake bread, it broke. It seems like a horror story and more if you have the time.

In several pieces or only in half, not only the cake bread was broken but also your heart. Fortunately, this has a solution, whether you try to repair it and continue with the plans or the best idea is to pull creativity and create another dessert.

Why Did My Cake Crack While Baking?

If your cake bread broke, the one you worked so hard to prepare, there may be different reasons why it happened. Although it is better to find the solution, it is also important to analyze the process and find the error so that it does not happen again.

The most common is that it was because you did not prepare your molds well enough. Both the walls and the base should be greased, making sure to cover the entire surface and corners; then add a layer of flour or breadcrumbs. If you are a first time it may be worth double-greasing and placing a little wax paper on the bottom.

Once you have done this step, keep it refrigerated until it is time to use it.

Another thing that could have happened is that the oven was too hot, more than recommended. If you set the temperature according to the instructions, it may already have certain variations so we recommend purchasing an oven thermometer.

It can also happen that you did not mix your ingredients enough and that the flour lumps did their own thing. Remember to make sure there are no dry spots in your mix, this will prevent any weak spots once it’s baked.

Make Sure You Are Using the Exact Amount of Ingredients

You can for see an imminent crumbling if you see the dough too runny, so if you already have a good eye, add a little more flour without overdoing it.

In the kitchen, patience is a key and fundamental ingredient. Once your cake bread is ready, do not unmold it while it is still hot, it is important that you do not let it cool in the oven even if you have already turned it off.

Once outside, place on a rack so that the air circulates and does not stick to the base, wait at least 15 minutes or until it is at room temperature. Run a knife or thin shovel over the edge and turn it over on a stable surface. Now yes, that bread is ready for the next step.

My Cake Broken What Can I Do?

No way, the damage is done and we cannot go back in time, the cake bread is already broken, now to find a solution.

First, depending on how it broke, the best option could be to glue it back and for this, bitumen or frosting can be the perfect tool. Think of a piece of ceramic and likewise distribute and spread along the crack so that the cake will hold.

Also do not abuse the bitumen since it can make it too heavy and in the end it will end up separating again. If this option works for you, nobody will notice it once the cake is assembled.

Well, after admitting that maybe the damage to our cake is irreparable, a no-waste solution is to make a smaller cake or several. Cut all the pieces to the same size and treat them individually. Fill, decorate and refrigerate all equally.

You can also make a new dessert by cutting all your cake bread into cubes, soak with tres leches and add jam, whipped cream and even bitumen on the surface, a new way of eating it.

An idea that the little ones in the house will love and can even help is to make cake pops or cake balls. You just have to form them with the same bread and to keep them that way, use chocolate and even caramel and refrigerate later to solidify.

Creativity is natural for bakers so you can use your broken cake bread to make pudding, just substitute the bread and voila. Since we are in this, imagine making a capirotada with this bread, it does not sound bad at all.

Finally, if the best thing is to make a new one and start from scratch, do not throw this one away, take the opportunity to make crumbs and cover ice cream, yogurt, fruit plates and even as decoration of other cakes. Just crumble or cut into very small pieces, spread it out on a tray and bake at about 150 ° C until golden brown and done.”.

I hope that answers your question why did my cake crack.

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